Pocketful of Dirhams

Why is personal finance advice going viral on TikTok?

February 4, 2021
There’s a lot of content that goes viral on popular short-form video app TikTok these days. Think pranks, dance challenges, lifestyle tips and even the trolling of former US president Donald Trump thanks to a merry band of K-Pop fans and Tiktok teens. But there’s one surprising sector that Gen Zs and millennials are also embracing: personal finance advice. Dubbed FinTok, youth are flocking to TikTok channels that offer a range of entertaining smart money tips that help them understand the complexities of credit cards, loans, interest and even how to invest.

Host Felicity Glover, the Personal Finance Editor at The National, is joined by Nathan McFarlane, the founder of Dubai-based Help With Debt and a rising FinTok influencer in the Middle East, who offers his advice on how to get the most out of personal finance advice on TikTok.